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I had to relocate my third node in a classic DRBD 8.4 three node set up to a new host.  I am having difficulty making the stacked resource the primary.  I am following this guide: https://www.linbit.com/drbd-user-guide/users-guide-drbd-8-4/#s-three-nodes

Specifically this:

5.18.3. Enabling stacked resources

To enable a stacked resource, you first enable its lower-level resource and promote it:

drbdadm up r0
drbdadm primary r0

As with unstacked resources, you must create DRBD meta data on the stacked resources. This is done using the following command:

# drbdadm create-md --stacked r0-U

Then, you may enable the stacked resource:

# drbdadm up --stacked r0-U
# drbdadm primary --stacked r0-U

After this, you may bring up the resource on the backup node, enabling three-node replication:

# drbdadm create-md r0-U
# drbdadm up r0-U
It seems all is good right up to the last command:

:~# drbdadm primary informer
:~# drbdadm create-md --stacked informer-U
You want me to create a v08 style flexible-size internal meta data block.
There appears to be a v08 flexible-size internal meta data block
already in place on /dev/drbd11 at byte offset 429483581440

Do you really want to overwrite the existing meta-data?
[need to type 'yes' to confirm] yes

md_offset 429483581440
al_offset 429483548672
bm_offset 429470441472

Found some data

 ==> This might destroy existing data! <==

Do you want to proceed?
[need to type 'yes' to confirm] yes

initializing activity log
NOT initializing bitmap
Writing meta data...
New drbd meta data block successfully created.
:~# drbdadm up --stacked informer-U
:~# drbdadm primary --stacked informer-U
110: State change failed: (-2) Need access to UpToDate data
Command 'drbdsetup-84 primary 110' terminated with exit code 17

drbd11 is the device for the lower level resource 'informer', drbd110 the device for stacked resource 'informer-U'.  Replication between hosts 'Alice' and 'Bob' (not the real host names but corresponding to the names used int the documentation) is functional.  I am performing the above commands on 'bob'.

I do not understand why it is complaining it needs UpToDate data in that last command if 'informer-U' is 'stacked-on-top-of informer' and was just created.

the .res file(s) look like this:

resource informer {
        net {
                protocol C;

        device    /dev/drbd11;
        meta-disk internal;

        on trk-kvm-01 {
                disk      /dev/trk-kvm-01-vg/informer;
             on trk-kvm-02 {
                disk      /dev/trk-kvm-02-vg/informer;

resource informer-U {
        net {
                protocol A;

        stacked-on-top-of informer {
                device /dev/drbd110;

        on trk-bkp-01 {
                device  /dev/drbd110;
                disk    /dev/ubuntu-vg/informer;
                meta-disk internal;
Any suggestions on what I am missing in this picture?

Please and thanks.
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