Hi All,

Am new to this list, and have asked in #ovirt / ovirt-users list and they pointed me to here ... I've seen libvirtd using ~11 GB of resident memory after the host has been running for about 60+ days with about 40 VMs running on it.

The versions I'm currently running are :

libvirt.x86_64         0.9.10-21.el6_3.7
libvirt-client.x86_64  0.9.10-21.el6_3.7
libvirt-python.x86_64  0.9.10-21.el6_3.7

I know I can just restart libvirtd and "all should be fine" (and hopefully I'll regain the 11GB of memory) - however, is there an updated version that maybe fixes a memory leak ??

Thanks in advance,

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