Hello everyone,

I am trying to set up sasl authentication in virt-manager. I read in one existing bug, that it is better to use tls for encryption and sasl for authentication, but not use  sasl for both.

I configured tls, it was fine. Then I created a user "u" on server and modified libvirtd.conf.

I set auth_tls = "sasl" there and mech_list: scram-sha-1 in sasl2 config for libvirt.

The output of sasl:
u@ubuntu2:~$ sudo sasldblistusers2 -f /etc/libvirt/passwd.db
u@ubuntu: userPassword

Then I connect to server using tls and entering as the user u.

Then I have the following message:

Unable to connect to libvirt qemu+tls://u@
authentication failed: authentication failed

What are the correct steps to set up everything right. I just followed this: set up tls, set up user, modify config file, relaunch and connect.