So I thought this was very obvious, but this is a 100% VMware cluster. Libvirt can communicate with esx.

I get the feeling nobody does this.


On Sunday, June 30, 2013, Jorge Fábregas wrote:
On 06/29/2013 03:22 AM, Morgan McLean wrote:
> Does anybody have the great tip that is going to set me free? I hope?


Distributed Port Groups come from the "vNetwork Distributed Switch"
(vDS); a feature of VMware vCenter.  You just can't throw a non-ESXi
hypervisor into your vCenter datacenter and expect it to work with their
proprietary technology.  The same way you just can't throw an ESXi into
oVirt (the open-source equivalent to vCenter) and expect it to have
access to all the defined networks at the datacenter level
(automatically).  AFAIK, we're not there yet.

I know VMware recently came out with their "vCenter Multi-Hypervisor
Manager" but it only supports Hyper-V and I don't think it integrates
with their vDS.

> Everything we use is on the vSwitches, as we run 60-80 VLAN's to each
> cluster member.

You could use Linux as the hypervisor but you'll have to manually
configure those VLANs and assign them to your VMs to be able to connect
to the VMs running on your vCenter (assuming they'll be sharing the same
layer-2 switch).

Since obviously you're using vCenter, isn't it more easier to add
another ESXi ?


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