I would like to announce that we have integrated libvirt for managing KVM vms on mist.io. Mist.io is an open source project and a service that can assist you in managing your vms on a unified way, providing a simple interface for all of your infrastructure (multiple public cloud providers, OpenStack based public/private clouds, Docker servers, bare metal servers and now KVM hypervisors).

Adding a KVM backend via libvirt will show a list of all of the virtual machines (running and terminated), along with the hypervisor itself. You can execute actions such as reboot, shutdown and start. Instead of having to log in to the hypervisor to reboot a VM that has hanged, you can do it with a few taps on your smartphone, laptop or tablet, along with the rest of your infrastructure. You can also have a web ssh shell if you add an ssh key. Creation of new VMs is not supported yet but is on our plans.

You can have a look on a blog post we've written recently at http://blog.mist.io/post/110890044256/announcing-kvm-and-vcloud-support, use the open source tool (http://github.com/mistio/mist.io) or try out the service (https://mist.io) offering more features such as monitoring, adding custom metrics, scripts and logs.

Hope you'll find it usefull