Hi all,
I would like to set a short connection timeout (only some seconds) when using libvirt in my Python program instead of the long default one.

I found the C function: virEventAddTimeoutFunc() in the C libvirt API here:

and eventInvokeTimeoutCallback(timer, callback, opaque) in libvirt.py around the line#150 but I do not know how to use it. I did not find any example on the net.


I tried this but I get a segmentation fault: :-(

import libvirt

def timeout_cb_d():
print 'Timeout !'

# try to set the libvirt timeout to 2 seconds:
    t = libvirt.eventInvokeTimeoutCallback(
2, timeout_cb_d, "from dom0_class")

Does anyone can give me a working example please?



Antoine Coetsier