Thank you for your reply.

> it has to do with WiFi packets being slightly different than stock Ethernet packets

Certainly, as you say, there are differences in both packets, such as the handling of src/dest MAC addresses, etc.

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2020年7月8日(水) 1:30 Ken D'Ambrosio <>:

On 2020-07-07 11:26, ryotaro kobayashi wrote:

Hello, everyone.

I'm from japan and using machine translation, so I apologize if it's hard to read.

I am currently trying to build a virtual environment using Ubuntu and kvm.

However, I found out from the following page that the virtual machine cannot use the bridge network because I am using a wireless network.

I am having trouble with this because my PC is using a wireless LAN.

On that page it says "wireless interfaces cannot be attached to a Linux host bridge",  I Can you tell me why this is so?

Is it a limitation of the NIC driver for the wireless LAN?
Or is it a limitation of libvirt?
Hi!  While I no longer recall the details myself, it has to do with WiFi packets being slightly different than stock Ethernet packets, and WiFi simply can't support bridging.  While there are, if memory serves, some interfaces that allow you to work around this, it's really a protocol issue and neither libvirt or a driver's fault.  Perhaps someone else either remembers more details, or is willing to come back with something m,ore specific, but I thought I'd reply so you at least had something.
P.S.  The machine translation worked very, very well.