Hi,every one:


My Ubuntu is : 20.04 LTS, and I using libvirtd on it to manage KVM vm, but now I can not open listener function of the libvirtd.




       The libvirtd daemon is capable of starting in two modes.


       In the traditional mode, it will create and listen on UNIX sockets itself.  If the --listen parameter is given, it will also listen on TCP/IP socket(s),

       according to the listen_tcp and listen_tls options in /etc/libvirt/libvirtd.conf


       In socket activation mode, it will rely on systemd to create and listen on the UNIX, and optionally TCP/IP, sockets and pass them as pre-opened file de

       scriptors. In this mode, it is not permitted to pass the --listen parameter, and most of the socket related config options in /etc/libvirt/libvirtd.conf

       will no longer have any effect. To enable TCP or TLS sockets use either


          $ systemctl start libvirtd-tls.socket




          $ systemctl start libvirtd-tcp.socket



But, on my system, there are no such service like libvirtd-tls.socket or libvirtd-tcp.socket.


root@ubts1:~# systemctl  | grep libvirt

  libvirt-guests.service                                                                      loaded active exited    Suspend/Resume Running libvirt Guests        

  libvirtd.service                                                                            loaded active running   Virtualization daemon                        

  libvirtd-admin.socket                                                                       loaded active running   Libvirt admin socket                         

  libvirtd-ro.socket                                                                          loaded active running   Libvirt local read-only socket               

  libvirtd.socket                                                                             loaded active running   Libvirt local socket                         


How can I open the listener ?