These are my doubts:

1. I tried live migration of Ubuntu 11.04 from the one physical machine to another using the migrate() function. I connected via tcp in the destination URI and migrated successfully(lesser than 2 seconds). I tried running virsh list --all on the destination PM and confirmed that the VM had been migrated successfully.

When I tried checking ps aux | grep vmname where vmname was the name of the VM migrated, I could see that on the source PM the thread was still active with the PID though the machine had been migrated successfully.

Shouldn't the vmname not be listed at all on the source PM's side,if it has been completely migrated?

Isn't 2 seconds too little(considering the memory allotted to the VM was 128MB and I'm using a 100Mbps LAN switch, time taken=size/speed~10 seconds).

Why is virsh list --all showing me that the VM migrated to be shutdown on the source PM? If it's been completely migrated, shouldn't the entry be removed completely?

2. Is there any way to set the CPU limit in terms of % of CPU used on a VCPU using libvirt function? As in, if I want my VM to use just 10% of VCPU 1.

3. I'm developing an application in Java to monitor VM usage(Memory,CPU, Network etc). Are there any easily integrable graph plotting applications I could integrate with?

Thanks for your time.