Hi all. I'm just new to libvirt.


Looking page here http://libvirt.org/drvxen.html , there are examples of connection URIs to Xen.


xen:///                        (local access, direct)
xen+unix:///                   (local access, via daemon)
xen://example.com/             (remote access, TLS/x509)
xen+tcp://example.com/         (remote access, SASl/Kerberos)
xen+ssh://root@example.com/    (remote access, SSH tunnelled)

I thought the first example 'xen:///' would not need libvirtd, because the second line said 'via daemon'.


But my C code using URI above prompts 'Failed to connect socket' error.


So it seems that running libvirtd is mandatory. Is this right?


Thanks for your reply in advance.





Jungnam Lee