My qemu is 2.9.0, libvirt is 3.4.0.
  I start many guest in short time(128G pyhsical memory ,1G per guest, 90 guest), and then run memtest on guest system.memtest just occupy guest memory,so when run memtest, host will allocate memory for guest. I run memtest on all my guest, and some guest will encounter crash. qemu log has qemu_thread_create: Resource temporarily unavailable record,I ask same question before, replier suggest I change qemu.conf  max_process arg, but I cat /proc/$pid/limits, I find maxprocess limit is very big, I don't think is the args restrict. I think is when I run memtest on all guest, the host pressure very highly in short time, because when I run memtest on all guest, i encounter some other program core, I use gdb debug the core, I find is dump in allocate memory. so I want known qemu crash is that reason, and how host system acceptable pressure limit. when I encounter qemu crash, what can I do avoid the promble.