I am planning to configure vlan on vhostuser interfaces in the libvirt xml, it throws out error.
Does this configuration is supported ? I can install higher version if required.

unsupported configuration: an interface of type 'vhostuser' is requesting a vlan tag, but that is not supported for this type of connection

Libvirt version:
[redhathost@qemu]# libvirtd --version
libvirtd (libvirt) 3.2.0

Qemu version:
QEMU emulator version 2.9.0(qemu-kvm-ev-2.9.0-16.el7_4.11.1)

Domain XML

    <interface type='vhostuser'>
      <mac address='02:3a:c1:4b:a1:0a'/>
      <source type='unix' path='/tmp/vhost-test' mode='server'/>
      <vlan trunk='yes'>
        <tag id='3' nativeMode='tagged'/>
        <tag id='4'/>
      <model type='virtio'/>
      <driver rx_queue_size='1024'>
        <host mrg_rxbuf='on'/>
      <address type='pci' domain='0x0000' bus='0x00' slot='0x03' function='0x0'/>

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