Hi dear all,
I have the following issue : 
I have a libvirtd intstalled on an ubuntu desktop. The libvirtd is listening on port 16509 (options listen_tls = 0 and listen_tcp = 1)
On the desktop I have a virtualbox installed with a running VM : "styx32-dry-run3"
I want to control my VM remotely by using libvirt.
I performed following tests :
1)Local virsh running fine :
 virsh -c vbox:///session list
 Id    Name                           State
 2     styx32-dry-run3                running

2)Using the tcp port is showing an empty list:
virsh -c vbox+tcp:// list
 Id    Name                           State

3)net-list command works
virsh -c vbox+tcp:// net-list
 Name                 State      Autostart     Persistent
 vboxnet0             active     no autostart  yes

Can any of you help me please, I really don't understand why my VM is not showing up in the 2 ) list  .. and I really don't know where to look at :-(

Kind regards