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After  restarted the libvirtd service on the source host,  we start live migration VM to destination host and often hit an issue 'unsupported configuration: Target CPU check default does not match source none’

We don’t configure any special setting for CPU model when start VM and I think it should be ‘custom’ mode by default . Furthermore , those two hosts for doing live migration have almost the same capabilities as below.
Please provides the guest CPU XML, the CPU model of the src and the dst hosts:
# virsh dumpxml YOUR_VM --inactive|xmllint --xpath //cpu -
(VM is live)
# virsh dumpxml YOUR_VM |xmllint --xpath //cpu -

# virsh capabilities|xmllint --xpath //cpu -

It’s confused me why failed to check the cpu configuration after restart libvitd service on source host? 

The libvirt version is 7.9.0, package: 1.el8 (Unknown, 2021-11-28-22:35:11) private build
Host OS version : rhat8.4
QEMU version: QEMU 5.1 private build 

Any comments are appreciated.