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> Eric, thank you for your response. Virsh memtune, setmaxmem and setmem won't survive a reboot.

Ah, but they DO survive reboots, if you use the right options.  'virsh
memtune --live --config' affects both the running guest and the next boot.
Appologize for top-posting.
I'm getting error when specifying --live or --config. Am I doing something wrong?

# virsh memtune test --hard-limit 786432 --config --live
error: Unable to change memory parameters
error: unsupported flags (0x3) in function lxcDomainSetMemoryParameters

# libvirtd -v
2014-01-31 00:17:00.511+0000: 3313: info : libvirt version: 0.10.2, package: 18.el6_4.15