Hi All

I am trying to deploy VMs using libvirt and a domainXML file where i mention the parameters for the VM to be deployed.

I am using libvirt version: libvirt 0.10.2

virsh # version
Compiled against library: libvirt 0.10.2
Using library: libvirt 0.10.2
Using API: QEMU 0.10.2
Running hypervisor: QEMU 0.12.1

I get this libvirt exception while deploying a VM.

Exception trace **************
2015-04-14 18:06:28,240 [pool-1-thread-45] ERROR defineDomain(SimpleAppliance.java:581) - Failed to define domain/VM from XML
org.libvirt.LibvirtException: unsupported configuration: unknown driver format value 'qcow3'
        at org.libvirt.ErrorHandler.processError(Unknown Source)
        at org.libvirt.Connect.processError(Unknown Source)
        at org.libvirt.Connect.processError(Unknown Source)
        at org.libvirt.Connect.domainDefineXML(Unknown Source)

Do i need to upgrade to any specific version of libvirt ? or change any file to make this work ?