If the guest is modifying memory faster then your network connection can sync it, the migration will never finish.

I've worked around this in the past by running 'virsh suspend' on the source host.  This will temporarily stop the guest, and allow the migration to finish.

On 1/22/2015 1:11 PM, Xu (Simon) Chen wrote:
Hey folks,

I am running libvirt 1.2.4 and qemu 2.1 on a 3.14.27 kernel. I've found that live migrating a relatively large VM (16 cores and 64G ram) is taking forever - close to 15 hours now, and still not done...

With "lsof -i", I can see a connection is established from my source hypervisor to a target hypervisor, likely for the purpose of copying data. nettop shows that this connection is constantly sending 50-60MBps traffic. The VM being migrated has a disk on ceph by using librbd.

I wonder if anyone has seen similar issues, and how I could troubleshoot further. (I tried but failed to get qemu monitor to work on the VM...)


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