Hi Team,

I have created a  "External system checkpoint snapshot" using the  following link.


The disk and ram snapshot has been created successfully. The disk snapshot have the QCOW2 file format,I tried to boot the disk snapshot (qcow2)file using the KVM but it throws the error " No bootable disk availble" message, also i tried to revert the snapshot it throws the "external snapshot revert not yet supported" error message.

Versions details:

Libvirt - 1.0.5 (compiled)
Ubuntu - 12.04
I had the following doubts on snapshots.

1. It is possible to directly boot the external system check point snapshots ???

2. Snapshot boot is supported in libvirt kvm ?

3. If  snapshot boot is possible, what are the steps to do ?

can you please advice me .. Thanks in advance....

Please get back to me if you need any other clarifications...


With Thanks & Regards,