Hi libvirt team,
    I suffered some troubles. Could you please give me some advices?
    Our team plan to control more then 100 android emulators, however, we failed
 to connect to the local android emulators by libvirt. Now we have tested 2 ways.
 1. Converting from QEMU args to domain XML. It's a right way to
 control the local QEMU built manually. But the android emulator based
 on QEMU modified its command a lot, so we cancelled the way.
 2. Using libvirt hypervisor driver for QEMU. Actually we think the URI
 ---"qemu+tcp://"(the IP and port is given by android emulator) -- is theoretically available, also, we could connect to the IP successfully by socket's program, but the result is "error: server closed connection: 
error: failed to connect to the hypervisor". We don't figure the reason out now.
Concerning about such problmes above, I have some questions?
   1.Can the libvirt connect to local hypervisors by "qemu+tcp" as described above?
   2.If we can't do by "qemu+tcp", could you please give us some suggestoins?
   Thanks a lot!