Hi, all.  
While monitoring KVM VMs’ disk utilisation using libvirt API “virDomainBlockStats", I find that the results acquired is not consistent 
with the value read from /proc/[vm_pid]/io(i only care about “rd_bytes" and “wr_bytes” fields). Since libvirt doesn’t support host level monitoring,  
i have to calculate the host’s disk utilisation by reading from the /proc/diskstats file. What’s worse, the individual VM’s disk data may 
be greater that the physical disk’s total value during some sampling time. 

It is supposed that the VM’s disk “rd_bytes" and “wr_bytes" should never exceed the value of the physical disk respectively, right ? Doesn’t
libvirt virDomainBlockStats read disk information from “proc” ?  

I want to calculate VM’s bandwidth, here is my way:
Firstly, we can get total disk utilisation using tools like iostat("iostat -x”, the %util field represent the disk’s utilisation percentage)
Then, given a sampling time period, 10s for example, i collected total bytes read/written by each VM by virDomainBlockStats and total
bytes of the physical disk by /proc/diskstats, then delta(VM’s rd+wr bytes)/delta(physical disk’s rd+wr bytes) * %util is the VM’s 
disk utilization percentage during this time period.
Since the appearance of the above situation, i can’t get correct result. I have search a lot for this question, but no answers.  Any help would
be appreciated.