I built a vm with the guest OS Windows XP.  I have it running exactly the way I need it.  Now I need to move it to a computer at another location.

My plan was to build the vm and then just copy the ISO and take it to the new system.

Host OS is a current/up-to-date Fedora 18
I used yum install @virtualization
I launched boxes in gnome and installed the guest system (XP)

After getting everything running to my specifications I started researching how to move the vm to another system.  I have one question:

Referring to the information at:  http://libvirt.org/migration.html

" Migration of guests between hosts is a complicated problem"

Can someone please point me to documentation stating why migration is "a complicated problem"??

The vm is powered off.  I didn't use encryption (that I'm aware of--and I hope that doesn't bite me but I can re-install if necessary).

gnome-boxes made this a pretty-simple setup and I like it.  I know with about the same effort I can do this in VMWare, if necessary.  I also know with VMWare I can create vm images that are portable and easily transported from system to system.  If that is not the case with libvirt and gnome-boxes I'd like to understand why.

Even though gnome-boxes made the setup fairly easy I can see where it is still in it's infancy.  I thought libvirt was more mature and seems to offer CL access to everything I need (which I really like).

Thanks, in-advance, for your help and consideration.

"You're darn right, more power."--Tim "the toolman" Taylor