Hi libvirt crews

I am a 4th year Software Engineering student from ChiangMai University, Thailand. Currently, I am doing a research internship at nara institute of science and technology, Japan.  

I have been working on a research that is related to the performance and security characteristics of various container technologies like Linux containers, gVisor , firecracker, kanta etc. It is supposed to be finished by the middle of next April. I am hoping to get involved with libvirt opensource project before I start my master program in October.

I am interested in the Redfish API implementation project suggested by Cédric Bosdonnat.  It's a nice modern RESTFUL JSON API which should not be very challenging to work with Python. It seems like There is already a Redfish API client written in Python, Do you think it would be a good idea to use it to test the API on server side as i implemented through it ?

It would be great If I can get in touch with Cédric Bosdonnat and have further discussion. Any suggestions about the project proposal would be much appreciated.

Best regards,🙂