Again, I don't know how its related, since i am on ubuntu, i never have a need to do make rpm.
was i supposed to do a make deb or something ? It looks like as part of 'make' one of the library (see my original post - error msg) is probably not copied and/or linked appropraitely, hence make install fails or probably make install has issue in setting up that library correctly and when it tries to relink some other lib with that lib, it fails.

2011/11/4 Eduardo Lima (Etrunko) <>
On 11/04/2011 07:22 AM, Deepak Shetty wrote:
> Yes, the wbemcli works fine after make postinstall, i tried ecn
> (enumerate class names) and it did show the libvirt classes, so I assume
> its working fine.
> Also another thing i noticed is that as part of building libvirt-cim, i
> think it auto wget's and installs sfcb, so i did not ever had the need
> to look out for pegasus. But i still feel there is a problem with the
> make install as I saw originally ( see the start of this post)...
> wondering why you or others don't see it ?
> I did not do anythign specific to ubuntu in my build process

Well, it looks like the RPM build actually works by chance. We should
always ensure that 'make distcheck' gives no errors, which is not the
case at the moment (and has not been for quite some time). I am quite
sure if that gets fixed you will be able to build the source code
without errors.

Eduardo de Barros Lima
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